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作为一名学生, you may want to get a LAVC 学生证 to access many college services such as tutoring and academc support services, checking out books at the LAVC 图书馆, using the prepaid printing system, 和更多的!

How to Get your 学生证 Card

The 学生证 is issued in 招生 and 记录, located in the 学生服务 Center (SSC) 招生 and 记录. You can ask for your 学生证 card the day after you enroll for classes.

Requirements: To request a 学生证, you need to:

  1. Be currently taking classes or enrolled for the following semester.
  2. Sign the 学生证 Request form.
  3. Prove your identity with an official picture identification.

You can use one of the following as identification:

  • California ID, California driver's license, the official ID or driver's license from another state.
  • US passport or foreign passport.

Your initial student ID card is free. Subsequent cards are subject to a fee (Read the FAQ below).

Note: The LAVC 学生证 card is the official identification issued by Los Angeles Valley College. The 学生证 card is the property of Los Angeles Valley College and it is not transferable.

If you find a 学生证, please return it to the Campus Sheriff's Department.


It will be requested by many LAVC places such as 图书馆, 外语实验室, Speech lab and Writing Center. You will need it to use the LAVC Prepaid Printing system. You will also get discounts at many stores when you show your 学生证. Some of the places that give discounts to students are movie theaters, buses and bookstores.

It shows your first name, middle initial and last name. In addition, it also shows your Prepaid Printing account number. Your Printing account number is the 16-digit number on the front of the card. That number is printed with spaces only to make it easy to read. The Printing account number does not have spaces.

Suffixes -- such as Sr, Jr, III, or PhD -- and titles -- such as Mr.夫人,., Ms.,或博士。. ——没有显示在身份证上


No. The Monarch card has not expired. It contains the same information and works just as the new 学生证.

是的. Please request a new 学生证. If you turn in the old black and white ID, the new one will be free.

No. The 学生证 does not expire.

The price as of October 2018 is $10.00. Please verify this price at the 业务办公室 (located next to the LAVC bookstore).


Go to the 学生服务 Center (SSC) 招生 and 记录 office and change your official LAVC records. 做完这些之后, go to the 业务办公室 (located next to the LAVC bookstore) and pay for a replacement 学生证. Your new data will take 24 hours to be transferred to the 学生证 system.

是的. Go to the 业务办公室 and pay for a replacement 学生证. Then, go to the 学生证 window. You will be asked to get a new picture and to proof your identity.

是的. The 学生证 window phone number is (818) 947-2553. The 业务办公室 phone number is (818) 947-2318.